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There are so many different types of cleaning chemicals to choose from it can be difficult to pick the right product for your cleaning needs. However, fear not, if you take cleaning responsibility in your business, it is essential to choose the correct chemical for the job. You will need the support of a specialist supplier who can provide the whole range of janitorial and cleaning products, and who can pass on their knowledge and experience gained over 25+ years in the industry. Combined with access to a large number of Nationwide suppliers and manufacturers, you can be sure that, whatever you need, we will be able to provide.

Strength of cleaning chemicals

Every cleaning chemical will have different strengths, normally those created by household known brands are less powerful than those that have been specially made by industry brands. The description of the product will advise how to use and about the strength of the chemicals used. Different environments will require different strengths of cleaning products. Bathroom and Kitchen facilities need a lot more powerful cleaning chemicals to make sure a certain level of hygiene is maintained for use. Other working environments require less harsh chemicals as germs and bacteria levels aren’t as high and a smaller space could become overpowered with harsh chemicals, which isn’t good for the people that work there.

Type of clean

Whether you are cleaning floors, desks bathrooms, or kitchens – the type of clean you are doing will affect the type of cleaning chemical you buy. Cleaning chemicals we supply are formulated for a specific use, for example, we have a selection of chemicals for floor use only. These cleaning chemicals have been designed specifically to treat floors. We have a wide variation of cleaning chemicals, to ensure you choose the right product for the type of clean required.

Health & safety

Some of the chemicals we supply are ideal for when strength cleaning products are needed, however strong cleaning means strong chemicals that could if used incorrectly cause problems in areas with health concerns. Hospitals, care homes, schools, and nursery’s need specialised cleaning chemicals that are safe yet can do the job of keeping it hygienic but are also safe. Before purchasing cleaning, chemicals make sure that it is right for the environments it intended to be used in. You need to make sure you’re considering the health and safety of others, and that some products have different guidelines from others.

Product Information

The quickest way to find product information is usually on the label. The label should contain …

  • Company name
  • Product name
  • How to use directions
  • Bottle size
  • Dilution instructions
  • Warnings, signal words, and hazards
  • Product description and what it is used for
  • Safety directions and medical advice

The label containing instructions should be the first thing you read when you require chemical safety information. To increase the cleaning chemical’s potential, we would advise you to always read instructions and follow them as best as you possibly can.