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Kitchen & Ventilation Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Clean

  • Impending HSE Inspection?
  • Certification needed for insurance?
  • Bad smells from your extraction system?
  • Taken over a commercial kitchen in a poor state?

Esco Refresh’s Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service includes cooking equipment cleaning, structural cleaning, ductwork cleaning and extraction canopy cleaning.

If you work in the food preparation industry you will be no doubt be well aware of the stringent rules and legislation governing the condition a professional kitchen must be kept in. The Health and Safety Act and the Food Hygiene Act go into great detail about the proper maintenance of a working kitchen but maintaining the best standards can be difficult, especially when you are trying to run a business.

We here at Esco Refresh recognise the importance of providing a clean and hygienic place of work for your employees, and aim to give a lasting impressions of a fresh, clean working environment for all your visiting clients and customers with our outstanding commercial kitchen deep cleaning service. Commercial kitchen deep cleaning can be broken down into a number of categories, which are all equally important if you want to maintain hygiene levels that are compliant to the applicable legislation. We offer every service that you could need, including:

  • Structural cleaning – all ceilings, as well as lights, vents and high level pipe work can be sanitized. All wall surfaces, including tiled, plastic cladding and painted walls can be thoroughly degreased and polished. Floor surfaces such as altro, quarry tiles, vinyl flooring and non-slip tiles can be thoroughly degreased to ensure the highest levels of sanitation.
  • Cooking equipment cleaning – essential components such as combination ovens, fryers, grills, steamers, etc. are effectively cleaned using high quality degreasers by our experienced engineers; the cooking equipment cleaning service gets rid of grease, limescale, carbon and other potentially damaging build-ups.
  • Extraction cleaning – the system is first surveyed to determine which level of cleaning is appropriate for your particular extraction system; from here, our experienced engineers are able to fully sanitize your extraction system and clear away any grease or dirt build-ups, ensuring the safety of your kitchen environment.
  • Canopy and filter cleaning – this service ensures that your canopy and filter system can function properly by effectively removing any fat deposits, build-ups of grease, carbon, etc. Our highly experienced engineers can ensure that your canopy and filter goes beyond meeting ever-increasing Health and Safety legislation.
  • Ductwork cleaning – this service can help your business stay within the laws governing the condition of commercial kitchens by ensuring the safe removal of all potentially hazardour by-products of cooking, such as fat, grease, carbon, etc.

We here at Esco Refresh are committed to maintaining your kitchen environment to the very highest standard; the benefits of this include the following:

  • Avoid risk of prosecution by Environmental Health
  • Create a space with better working conditions
  • Reduce risk of contamination by bacteria
  • Reduce risk of pest infestation
  • Help maintain a professional reputation for your business

Maintaining hygiene standards is essential in the food preparation industry, so ensure your establishment is up to scratch by choosing us as your commercial kitchen deep cleaning experts; our Nationwide operatives are guaranteed to provide an efficient yet professional service, and coupled with our customer support team, you will receive the outstanding level of customer care that only being part of the Esco Refresh family can provide. If you would like a quote regarding our commercial kitchen deep cleaning service, simply get in touch with us via telephone or e-mail with accurate measurements of your kitchen area and a list of appliances in need of the cleaning service and a member of our dedicated support team will be happy to help.