Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

It is important to get your equipment serviced regularly, whether it is a vacuum cleaner, scrubber drier, pressure washer or floor buffer. It is often tempting to reduce the servicing of your cleaning machines to save a few bob. This has become increasingly noticeable over the last two or three years. What has also been increasingly noticeable over the last couple of years is the increasing amount of repairs we have to do, and the increasing number of machines that we are having to replace because of a lack of basic maintenance.

Modern Industrial Cleaning Machines are highly effective, specialised pieces of equipment. They often represent a significant investment on the part of the customer and, if looked after, will provide a good return on investment with many years of service. But at the end of the day, they are machines. There are moving parts that get worn, they get dirty, bashed and knocked. Consumables need replacing and repairs need to be made. If not, then the machine does not function to its best, which wastes time and money. Poorly serviced machines can also be dangerous – representing a fire hazard or the potential for operator injury.

We recommend that machines are serviced at least annually, or possibly six monthly for heavy usage machines. This is often a simple job, and will ensure that your machine offers many years of reliable usage. Don’t cut corners, as in the long run it is a false economy.

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